The Benefits of Psychotherapy

Your situation does not define you, but it is certainly hard to cope with difficult situations on your own sometimes and healing from domestic abuse is no exception. One tried and true method of coping with the aftermath of the storm? Psychotherapy! Psychotherapy may sound like something out of this world. Yet, it isn’t. Psychotherapy comprises of both clinically proven psychological techniques and tools taken from alternative and more holistic backgrounds. The simple fact is that most people need therapy, regardless of their situation.

You may have had difficulties coping with daily life. You may be left with the impact of your trauma, and loss. Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy, and is likely the answer to these problems. Talk therapy has been proven to be exceptionally useful, especially for those who’ve experienced these things. Many survivors have been left with anxiety, depression, or PTSD and most of them just need someone to talk things through.

Let’s walk through why psychotherapy is beneficial to you and your well-being:

Medical Benefits

of Therapy

Having been in an abusive situation, you are left with many feelings. You are probably experiencing feelings such as sadness, depression, and anxiety. You might be feeling angry as well. It’s therapy that has been proven to be good for your well-being if you are experiencing any of these feelings. Even if you don’t think you’re depressed or anxious, however, it is still healthy to get these feelings out. Just talking about what is going on with a professional will make a significant difference. This study included thirty people, 18 women and 12 men between the ages of 18 and 36 at UCLA’s Ahmanson-Lovelace Brain Mapping Center. They found that attaching feelings to words made them feel better. Therapy may also strengthen an important part of the brain, the right ventrolateral prefrontal cortex.

In fact, studies have shown that the average client receiving psychotherapy is better off than 79% of clients who do not seek treatment. Studies also show consistently that most people prefer psychotherapy over taking medications. And medically, therapy can keep you away from having medical issues in the future. Take this study from the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association “The nurses on their coronary care unit observed that patients were less likely to have another heart attack, die, or return to the hospital when they talked to them about their treatment, played music for them or helped religious patients to say prayers.” Therapy could save your life down the lines due to its benefits, making you feel comforted.

Therapy for Domestic Abuse Victims

There is little published on the correlation between domestic abuse victims and psychotherapy. Yet, we do know that therapy is beneficial to everyone. The correlation is also due to the fact that psychotherapists, specialising in domestic violence are extremely rare. I cannot stress enough how important seeking therapy from a professional, trained in domestic abuse is. I lived through virtually every type of domestic abuse. I was able to leave my abuser. I then rebuilt my life to become a motivational psychotherapist and the author of a children’s book series designed to help child survivors of domestic abuse.

I developed the Gently Empowered psychotherapy treatment program. It is specifically created to help survivors of domestic abuse heal. With my treatment program, survivors can rebuild their lives. I provide sessions ONLINE, easing restrictions due to geological locations. I offer one to one, group, and family therapy sessions. Unfortunately, my spaces are limited. However, I do have a waiting list. I am honoured to treat each and every one of my clients who have gone through so much suffering. Rebuilding your life and feeling at ease is something I look forward to helping you with. The time you spend with me will be safe for you to express whatever you need to express. I'll be there to listen and relate to you. You’ll find yourself feeling physically and mentally better. You'll be able to take on anything that may come your way.

Therapy is for Everyone

Survivors of every kind of domestic abuse can find therapy helpful. There are many cases in which domestic violence victims do not come out the other side to tell the story. Having survived and living to tell the story shows how strong and resourceful many of our domestic abuse survivor clients are. So much strength comes through that process, that therapy can help them feel encouraged, and not ruined. Though, they may be feeling that way at the beginning of treatment.

Katie Wilding

Recently, it was brought to my attention of a news story about a woman from the U.K. Katie Wilding’s partner, Mitchell, had [allegedly] been using drugs to control her. In fact, he was awaiting sentencing for beating her. During the sentencing period, he had threatened and succeeded at killing Katie with illicit drugs. Because there was so much hearsay in the case, it was almost impossible to charge Mitchell with her murder. Katie was [allegedly] abused to great lengths by this man, and now he's probably walking free.

What would the outcome have been if she had made a safety plan and left Mitchell? Would she still be alive? Even though she reported the assault, he still played with Katie, psychologically. Had Katie had the proper therapy treatment for her abuse, it's possible that she would be a survivor today.

However, stories like these are all too common. Domestic abuse victims often do not feel safe or empowered enough to get the help that they need. It’s my mission to help any person with a history of being a domestic abuse victim, gain emotional freedom.

Please know that you have the ability to talk to someone. If not me, then a professional like myself. Don’t let yourself be one of these unfortunate domestic abuse statistics. You can overcome it all, we just need to talk about it. I can’t wait to help you on your journey to happiness.

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