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Therapy Services

Expert Online Therapy For Survivors Of Domestic Abuse

Experience Inner Healing And Ultimately Unleash

The Best You Faster!

Connect With Your Psychotherapist…

​"We live in a world where a lot of women look happy and competent on the outside, but are greatly broken and hurting on the inside. Afraid of what the people around or the society will think if they share their thoughts and feelings with them.


It’s not unusual at all… 


I have been in your shoes. I, too, have lived the nightmare of an abusive relationship for thirteen and half years with someone I thought I would spend my forever with. 


So if there is just ONE thing I am certain about, it is that I truly understand how important it is for you to heal and start getting more out of life."

Angela Murray

Take Back Your Life!

Do you find yourself struggling to get more from life as a domestic abuse survivor? 


Tired of keeping your issues bottled up and need someone to talk to but never find the time or the right person to make your dreams come true?

Start Therapy The Right Way

"With my online therapy sessions, you now have a Flexible and Stress-free Alternative to the traditional model of therapy.  


As women, a lot of us have one too many things going on to juggle: between being a mom, going to work or running your own business, being an auntie, and also being a friend, we find ourselves extremely busy that having to pause, step out of the office/house, take a 30 minutes’ drive to the therapist, have your session, and then drive back to the office feels like a lot to handle every time. 

Some want to remain anonymous. Some are looking for flexibility and convenience. While others just want an affordable option. 
Whatever your reason, with just the click of a mouse, we can start conducting a therapy session while you lounge on your couch from anywhere. 

You can stop worrying about: 

  • Taking precious time away from your child while you’re away for your session  

  • Missing work for weekly appointments  

  • Stressful commutes  

  • Bumping into someone you know in the waiting room 

Your options are endless. You can relax in the comfort of your home petting your dog while we have a more in-depth and authentic chat. 

How comforting is that? 

At the end of every session, worksheets are emailed. They are fillable, so we can discuss them at the next therapy session.

As an certified individual, family and group psychotherapist, and life coach, I help people gain deep and sustainable healing so they can start flourishing in every aspect of their life. 

Through my unique style in psychotherapy, I work with your mental health to find out what has happened in the past in order to deal with present difficulties. And coaching to focus on the future, providing support and encouragement for personal development. 

Come with me, let us begin the journey of a purposeful and meaningful life!

Angela Murray


Click Here To Get Started! 

One client meets weekly with one therapist for traditional talk therapy and strategy sessions on either Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video Messenger.

Clients meet every week in a group on Zoom, with a therapist there guiding the conversation. Clients usually share a similar problem or issue.

Clients will meet weekly as a family with a therapist in a Zoom group. This is our most popular service so being placed on a waiting list is to be expected.