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Hi there everyone, I'm Angela, the psychotherapist here at Gently Empowered. I'm a qualified EMDR, CBT, EFT therapist and Life Coach, and I personally want to welcome you to my Self-Therapy online shop!

Every time I think of improving the already outstanding therapy I offer you, I always try and take everyone's lifestyle into consideration. I know from personal experience how awesome life becomes when you begin using my therapy techniques, and because I know that opening up about your trauma to others can be daunting at first, I've broken down my Individual Domestic Abuse Treatment Program, into this fantastic range of affordable worksheets. 

That means, you can always benefit from my therapy, in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your own home, and always at your own pace! When you purchase each worksheet, you will have all the guidance you need on how to use the techniques within the worksheet you just bought.

How To Recognize Abuse Worksheet 8

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Never Allow Those Warning Signs To Fly Under The Radar Again!

Most romantic relationships that suddenly become violent do not usually start out that way. Rather, abusers make their partners believe that they are trustworthy, genuine, and even honest.

They groom their future victims by showering them with more than enough love, care, and attention. A predatory scheme masterfully designed to create a deep emotional connection that can cause the victim to overlook the beginning of abusive behaviors.

Learning and understanding the early warning signs can help you avoid an abusive relationship entirely.

This worksheet is created to help you learn the abuser's game. It’ll open your eyes to their sneaky, manipulation tactics early on, helping you develop awareness so they can’t use it on you ever again.

Angela designed an advanced power and control wheel to help you spot abuse tactics while guiding you on how to overcome the effects.

Say goodbye to victimization, and finally break the cycle of domestic abuse in your life.

Because you DESERVE a life without fear!

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