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Hi there everyone, I'm Angela, the psychotherapist here at Gently Empowered. I'm a qualified EMDR, CBT, EFT therapist and Life Coach, and I personally want to welcome you to my Self-Therapy online shop!

Every time I think of improving the already outstanding therapy I offer you, I always try and take everyone's lifestyle into consideration. I know from personal experience how awesome life becomes when you begin using my therapy techniques, and because I know that opening up about your trauma to others can be daunting at first, I've broken down my Individual Domestic Abuse Treatment Program, into this fantastic range of affordable worksheets. 

That means, you can always benefit from my therapy, in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your own home, and always at your own pace! When you purchase each worksheet, you will have all the guidance you need on how to use the techniques within the worksheet you just bought.

Finding Your Direction Worksheet 2

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Do you know what you want in life? Do you live your life like a lost sheep, "winging it", going wherever life takes you and accepting whatever it brings your way? Or would you rather “Be Different, Grab Life By The Horn, Create The Kind Of Life You Desire, And Live At Your Fullest Potential On Your Own Terms”

Isn’t that the whole point of living?

What goals do you plan to achieve 5 months from now, 12 months from now, 36 months from now, or even 60 months from now? Worksheet 2 is designed to help you set your goals with clearer focus, gain precise direction to your destination, and stay on track through your journey to self-improvement.

This worksheet will help you set your 1-month, 1-year, and 5-year goals in order to attain long-lasting success in every aspect of your life including your:
• Social life • Career • Physical & mental health • Family/relationships
And much more…

Truth is, anyone can set goals and decide to develop themselves. But what’s really important is staying on track and achieving those goals. And that’s what this worksheet is about.

Worksheet 2 is devoted to your success and overall satisfaction in all areas of your life.

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