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“I have never spo-spoken to a therapist before,”

- Blair (real name withheld for confidentiality purposes) stuttered.


She continued, “I have been living with Nate for about 3 to 5 months now and we’ve been dating for over a year.  Well, three months ago my 3-year-old daughter and I moved in with him. Oh, how I greatly regret doing that,” she sobs with her hands trembling.


“I can’t believe I let this happen,” she continued. “I really thought I could trust him, you know? He was everything I ever wanted in a man: charming, caring, romantic. He was the best thing that ever happened to me at the beginning of our relationship.


But now I have seen an entirely different and really scary part of him. He has a nasty temper, he yells at me and berates me all the time for reasons that surprise me. On several occasions, hes hit and abused me like I mean nothing to him. It’s so awful and really demeaning.”


Her tears flowed.



Domestic violence is a serious threat for many survivors and being a victim of domestic abuse can be painful and sometimes easily misunderstood, especially by outsiders.


You hear things like:


How can she allow such behavior?

Why doesn’t she just walk away?

They’re both as bad as each other!


But if you have ever been or are in an abusive relationship, you’ll agree with us that it’s NOT that simple to end a relationship you have invested your “all” into. Especially if you’re all alone with no friends or family to turn to.

So Who Can You Turn To?

Angela Murray is a motivational psychotherapist. She helps survivors of domestic abuse who are looking to up-level their lives and overcome the effects of trauma.


Just like you and Blair, Angela has had her fair share of domestic violence from someone who she thought was perfect. Someone who she thought was specially “made” for her!


She was in a 13 and half year abusive relationship that involved physical, verbal, and emotional abuse that left psychological wounds that didn’t heal in a hurry.

So when we say she's one of the few who really understands EXACTLY what you’re going through or what you’ve been through, trust us, she is. However, we also believe that the effects of domestic abuse does NOT have to be permanent.

And so, from her personal experience and how hard she worked to transform her entire life, Angela created this empowering online treatment program tailored specifically for survivors of domestic abuse.

Feeling stuck in your situation and looking for real change?


We can help.


We understand that asking for help is hard but do we really have to go through years of unnecessary suffering before getting help?


BRUTAL TRUTH: That’s torture!


Sorry if that hurt your feelings but we have to be honest with you.


You need help and you need it NOW…


Angela possesses unique insights and perspectives that only come from experiencing abuse first hand. And she has used that experience to create this exceptional program.

This Online Treatment Program Gives You Direct Access To The Following

  • Twelve 60-minute Motivational Psychotherapy Sessions.

  • Solid care plan/success strategy to use after therapy has ended.

  • Monthly progress discussions.

  • Weekly homework worksheets (at least 12 worksheets)

Life is meant to be peaceful, fulfilling and abundant. Become empowered to discover how to live the life you deserve.

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Build The Life Of Your Dreams!