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Feeling Isolated, Scared, And Helpless? Even After Leaving Your Abusive Relationship?

Join My Online Group Domestic Abuse Therapy For Survivors To Discover The Strength And Support You Need To Rebuild And Create The Kind Of Life You Desire

Begin Your Journey To a Meaningful And Joyful Life Today.

You’ve found a way out of your abusive situation but the trauma and emotional scars have held you back from moving forward.

You’re trying to be strong…


…but the anxiety, hurtful flashbacks, and emotional stress are just too much for you to handle and now you feel alone, lost, and helpless.

Take advantage of my exclusive Group Motivational Psychotherapy Sessions to overcome the thoughts and clutter from your mind and reach that inner strength you need to defeat those toxic emotions stopping you from experiencing inner peace as you move along the path of change.

Start living your best life!

  1. Get rid of fear and anger and focus more on important things

  2. Gain clear directions in your life

  3. And ultimately take complete charge of your life to start living your best life

You Want To Be Heard.

We Are Here To Listen.

You need someone to talk to. Not just anyone.


Someone who will listen to you with respect without being judgy when you decide to talk about your experience.


And that’s the purpose of this group therapy.


To help you connect with other survivors who have been through a similar ordeal, giving you an opportunity to not only learn from them but also gain the support and hope you need to grow STRONGER.


You don’t have to feel isolated anymore…


We know how abuse feels, and we want you to know that none of it was your fault. None!

Domestic abuse is a serious matter, and for having taken that bold step to leave the relationship, we are proud of you.

Everything You Need To Function At Your BEST In Everyday Life!

Domestic abuse is one of the most terrifying experiences anyone can face, ESPECIALLY when it involves physical abuse. And for someone trying to switch from victim to survivor, there is a really good chance of developing post-traumatic stress disorder or stress-related mental health conditions.


I'm a certified psychotherapist and I am here to help.


I provide a SAFE, SUPPORTIVE, and NON-JUDGMENTAL space for survivors of domestic violence to share their true feelings without the fear of being judged.


Through personal experience and my many year’s speaking with survivors, I found out that most people in this situation easily resort to isolation.


But then going into isolation isn’t going to solve your problem.

In fact, it could make the entire thing worse and unbearable.

What We Do