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For Answered Questions


Is there a fee for an Initial Consultation/Assessment? 

No! Initial Consultations are free!


Do you only provide therapy to survivors of Domestic Abuse/Domestic Violence?

Unfortunately Yes. At present I have very few client spaces available, so I have limited these sessions to survivors of domestic abuse or domestic violence only.


How do I download the free therapy workbook?

a. Click here

b. Fill in the questions, then press the "take me to the download page" button

c. When you land on the download page, click on the Begin Your Free Download button. (the download will        begin immediately)


I've never done therapy online before, how does it work?

A few minutes before your session time, log in to your Zoom, or Skype account. (depending on which one you selected on the client booking form)


At the time of your booked appointment, I will send you ONE video call invite. Please accept the invite. 

Once your video call is connected, I will introduce myself, and the therapy session will begin in the usual way as if we were both in the same room.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need internet connection throughout your session, so please ensure you have a strong enough connection. If you are disconnected, please send me a video call invite within your session time to


How do I pay for my therapy sessions?

You can choose to pay weekly, monthly or for the full 12 sessions.


By Bank Transfer

I will send you an invoice (calculated in your currency) and payment must be paid by bank transfer using the details on the invoice within 30 days of the date on the invoice, and at least 48 hours before your therapy session begins. Please ensure your bank transfer also contains your invoice number as your reference number, so I can trace your payment, should any issue arise.

By Debit or Credit Card

If you wish to pay via debit or credit card, let me know and I will send you the appropriate invoice. Please note, that my debit/credit card invoice is calculated in GBP, and as such additional fees and final balance will be subject to currency market fluctuattions.


I do NOT accept Paypal


How do I join your client list?

Becoming one of my clients is simple. Book your FREE Initial Consultation appointment, return your signed consulting agreement, pay your invoice, and then book your therapy session.


Why do you have a ONE CONTACT ONLY policy?

Two reasons:

a. For confidentiality reasons, you may be in a situation where you do not wish others to know you are having therapy sessions with a specialist in Domestic Abuse (eg: your abuser/s may be present)

b. Some days you may not feel up to talking, and rather than make you feel under pressure to answer my call, I will not contact you again until you contact me first.

PLEASE NOTE: Missed sessions mean that the appointment is unavailable for other clients, and to discourage missed sessions, the full fee for a missed session is non-refundable.


How do I reschedule a therapy session?

In your appointment booking confirmation email, there should be a link to reschedule your session. Click on the link, and follow the onscreen instructions.


What happens if I rekindle my relationship with my abuser?

Unfortunately, I would be unable to continue with our therapy sessions in this scenario. You will be removed from my client list and any advanced fees you have paid for future sessions will be refunded to you within 24 hours (refunds exclude weekly paying clients)

Should things not work out between you and your abuser, you are more than welcome to re-join my client list WITHOUT JUDGEMENT!


Are appointments carried out with video call?

Yes. All of our appointments are carried out via video call! Do not feel pressure to look 100% though. I would rather your showed up for therapy in your pj's with no makeup and a coffee, than not show up at all!


How do I contact the Gently Empowered office?

I can easily be reached on my social media profiles, or by emailing me at: