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Get PRIVATE Help From A Certified Psychotherapist To Heal And Recover From Your Trauma Permanently

Online Family Therapy For Survivors Of Domestic Abuse

Affordable, Confidential, And Convenient Online Support You Need To Get Back To Being You!

According to Domestic Shelters, over 15 million children in the US alone live in a home where domestic abuse has occurred at least once in the last year - and with an estimated 7 million of these kids witnessing severe violence.

You see, we all know of the devastating effects domestic abuse has on women. But what about the forgotten victims of this violence; the children? What effect does it have on them?

Risk of long-term physical and mental health problems.
High risk of becoming violent as an adult.
Risk of becoming victims of abuse themselves.

And much more…

Kids who have been exposed to domestic violence need help, but most importantly, they need their parents help.

You found a way! You freed yourself and your children, walked away from that toxic relationship and are now looking to take back your peace of mind.

Come with me and let me introduce you to a NEW KIND of family treatment program designed to help survivors of abuse like you and your kid(s) step out of fear and back into your own power.

Some of the biggest victims of violent homes

are the smallest…



We have just met, so let me tell you about myself… as you may be wondering, why listen to me?

My name is Angela  Murray, and I am a motivational psychotherapist. I help survivors of domestic abuse and their children who are looking to rebuild their lives, heal and overcome the effects of trauma after ending an abusive relationship.

I am a professional psychotherapist and life coach. This background gives me the benefit of understanding the underlying forces that bind abusive relationships as well as the mechanics of healing.

Everything I know about domestic abuse doesn’t just come from dozens of books I have read or from different women I have helped. I, too, have lived the nightmare of an abusive relationship for thirteen and a half years, and carried the pain and shame. Then one day, I just decided enough was enough, and started rebuilding my life for my kids if nothing else.


So I truly understand how important it is for you to heal.

Start living your best life!

With my online family therapy, I help survivors and their children who have left an abusive environment rebuild their relationship with each other without having to journey to an office. It’s:

Empowering and

Through self-healing and unique mind-body approach, we create a safe and favourable environment to recover and heal the soul to help rebuild you and your child’s inner wealth.

During these sessions, we will work together as a team to address feelings of anger, depression, guilt, stress, and anxiety.

You will learn how to get rid of the negative thoughts that have blocked you from functioning at your best, and replace them with positive responses.

Through controlled exposure to reminders of abuse, I'll also guide you on how to face your fears so you don’t spend your entire life avoiding them.

Ultimately, this family therapy is about helping you become a confident and well-informed survivor, arming you with all the tools, strength and support you need to create a fulfilling and secure life that you and your kids deserve.

Join The Survivors Who Are Already Gaining Back Control And Living Happier

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