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About Me

I'm Angela Murray, a motivational psychotherapist specialising in helping survivors of domestic abuse overcome their trauma.


I originally began studying to become a psychotherapist in 2001, but unfortunately I ended up in an incredibly abusive relationship, resulting in me giving up on my studies. I resumed my studies in 2007 when we separated briefly but again left my studies when my abuser and I rekindled our relationship. After we separated for good in 2016, I took distance learning classes to complete the missing modules, finally qualifying in February 2019.

Angela Murray

I have 13 and a half years personal experience of extreme domestic abuse and violence, so I know first-hand the devastating impact abuse can have on a victims life, health and well-being.


After qualifying, I developed The Gently Empowered treatment program, free workbook and worksheets (which are promoted on the website) specifically to help survivors of domestic abuse heal from their trauma and build a successful future.

Proud mother of six year old twins James and Kai, I also utilised my personal experience and professional skills to bring healing via the Adventures of James and Kai children's book series, book 1 is currently for sale on Amazon.


I pride myself on my books being thought provoking, engaging, all the while being non-threatening and encouraging children to open up emotionally in an honest way, to bring about hope and healing to even the most distraught child.

These were some of my symptoms... How about you?

Constantly on red alert

Feeling numb/empty


Feeling jumpy and easily startled

Loss of interest in life in general

Panic/anxiety attacks


Blaming yourself

Fear of being in crowds

Withdrawing into yourself

Feeling exhausted

Difficulty concentrating

Difficulty falling or staying asleep

Avoiding people and places

Feeling isolated

Self-destructive tendencies

Often feeling tearful

Intense fear


Tense muscles

Hyper-reactions to minor situations

Seeking high-risk activities

Before qualifying as a psychotherapist, I built a career in business management, marketing and negotiating. Having negotiated agreements on behalf of some of the biggest banks and corporations in the world, gave me the experience to know how to set and achieve seemingly impossible goals.


I left my abuser in 2016, with nothing but a suitcase and my old laptop. Having completely rebuilt my own life, I now aspire to help others do the same.