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Looking for a psychotherapist who specialises in Domestic Abuse?

Discover how I went from victim of Domestic Violence on benefits, to being a successful business owner and published author with my 12-week program!

My Approach

My goal is to inspire fellow survivors of domestic abuse, to create a successful life AFTER abuse. I help you heal from your trauma, and then develop strategies with you, to enhance your future success as your motivational psychotherapist.

About Me

I'm Angela Murray, a survivor of domestic violence, who developed these same strategies to build a successful life of my own as a psychotherapist, life coach and author of a children's book series.

You will always weekly with me for EMDR and CBT therapy treatment, then strategy sessions on either Zoom or Skype. Same therapist EVERY TIME!

Clients meet every week in a group call on Zoom, with me there guiding the conversation through the therapy process. Clients usually share a similar problem or issue.

Clients will meet weekly as a family with a me in a Zoom group call. This is my most popular service so being placed on a waiting list is to be expected.



Developed For Survivors of Domestic Abuse

By Motivational Psychotherapist Angela Murray

  • Positive Wellbeing & Self-Care Tips

  • Tools To Super-Boost Your Confidence

  • Learn Healthy Coping Techniques

  • Developed By A Certified Psychotherapist

  • Downloadable, Printable & Savable PDF

Tired of being a victim of domestic abuse?

I have been to a few therapists, but never felt able to open up about what I've been through, with Angela, I just felt comfortable. Maybe because she's been through abuse, instead of judging me, she listened like she understood exactly how I was feeling.

~ SS, England

Discover What My 12 Week Program Can Do For YOU!