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Looking for a psychotherapist who specialises in Domestic Abuse?

Discover how I went from victim of Domestic Violence on benefits, to being a successful business owner and published author with my 12-week program!

My Approach

My goal is to inspire fellow survivors of domestic abuse, to create a successful life AFTER abuse. I help you heal from your trauma, and then develop strategies with you, to enhance your future success as your motivational psychotherapist.

About Me

I'm Angela Murray, a survivor of domestic violence, who developed these same strategies to build a successful life of my own as a psychotherapist, life coach and author of a children's book series.

One client meets weekly with one therapist for traditional talk therapy and strategy sessions on either Zoom or Skype.

Clients meet every week in a group call on Zoom, with a therapist there guiding the conversation. Clients usually share a similar problem or issue.

Clients will meet weekly as a family with a therapist in a Zoom group call. This is our most popular service so being placed on a waiting list is to be expected.



Developed For Survivors of Domestic Abuse

By Motivational Psychotherapist Angela Murray

  • Positive Wellbeing & Self-Care Tips

  • Tools To Super-Boost Your Confidence

  • Learn Healthy Coping Techniques

  • Developed By A Certified Psychotherapist

  • Downloadable, Printable & Savable PDF

Tired of being a victim of domestic abuse?

I have been to a few therapists, but never felt able to open up about what I've been through, with Angela, I just felt comfortable. Maybe because she's been through abuse, instead of judging me, she listened like she understood exactly how I was feeling.

~ SS, England

What We Do