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One client meets weekly with one therapist for traditional talk therapy and strategy sessions on either Zoom, Skype or Facebook Video Messenger.

Clients meet every week in a group on Zoom, with a therapist there guiding the conversation. Clients usually share a similar problem or issue.

Clients will meet weekly as a family with a therapist in a Zoom group. This is our most popular service so being placed on a waiting list is to be expected.


Our Approach

Our goal is to inspire survivors of domestic violence to create the life of their dreams by helping them heal and develop strategies using motivational psychotherapy. 

About Angela

Angela is a survivor of domestic violence, who developed these same strategies to build a successful life of her own as a psychotherapist, life coach and author of a children's book series.


Tired of being a victim of domestic abuse?

Developed By Motivational Psychotherapist Angela Murray

  • Positive Wellbeing & Self-Care Tips

  • Tools To Super-Boost Your Confidence

  • Learn Healthy Coping Techniques

  • Developed By A Certified Psychotherapist

  • Downloadable, Printable & Savable PDF

32 Pages!!!

Develop life-skills to
put abuse behind you 
Don't be the girl who fell.
Be the girl who got back up.

~ Jenette Stanley

Get your free 32 Page Workbook NOW!

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